AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an easy-to-use service for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java,nbsp;.NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, andnbsp;Dockernbsp;on familiar servers such as Apache, Nginx, Passenger, andnbsp;IIS.nYou can simply upload your code and Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling to application health monitoring. At the same time, you retain full control over the AWS resources powering your application and can access the underlying resources at any time.nThere is no additional charge for Elastic Beanstalk - you pay only for the AWS resources needed to store and run your applications.

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API Paths

Abort Environment Update (GET) /?Action=AbortEnvironmentUpdate OpenAPI
Apply Environment Managed Action (GET) /?Action=ApplyEnvironmentManagedAction OpenAPI
Check D N S Availability (GET) /?Action=CheckDNSAvailability OpenAPI
Compose Environments (GET) /?Action=ComposeEnvironments OpenAPI
Create Application (GET) /?Action=CreateApplication OpenAPI
Create Application Version (GET) /?Action=CreateApplicationVersion OpenAPI
Create Configuration Template (GET) /?Action=CreateConfigurationTemplate OpenAPI
Create Environment (GET) /?Action=CreateEnvironment OpenAPI
Create Storage Location (GET) /?Action=CreateStorageLocation OpenAPI
Delete Application (GET) /?Action=DeleteApplication OpenAPI
Delete Application Version (GET) /?Action=DeleteApplicationVersion OpenAPI
Delete Configuration Template (GET) /?Action=DeleteConfigurationTemplate OpenAPI
Delete Environment Configuration (GET) /?Action=DeleteEnvironmentConfiguration OpenAPI
Describe Applications (GET) /?Action=DescribeApplications OpenAPI
Describe Application Versions (GET) /?Action=DescribeApplicationVersions OpenAPI
Describe Configuration Options (GET) /?Action=DescribeConfigurationOptions OpenAPI
Describe Configuration Settings (GET) /?Action=DescribeConfigurationSettings OpenAPI
Describe Environment Health (GET) /?Action=DescribeEnvironmentHealth OpenAPI
Describe Environment Managed Action History (GET) /?Action=DescribeEnvironmentManagedActionHistory OpenAPI
Describe Environment Managed Actions (GET) /?Action=DescribeEnvironmentManagedActions OpenAPI
Describe Environment Resources (GET) /?Action=DescribeEnvironmentResources OpenAPI
Describe Environments (GET) /?Action=DescribeEnvironments OpenAPI
Describe Events (GET) /?Action=DescribeEvents OpenAPI
Describe Instances Health (GET) /?Action=DescribeInstancesHealth OpenAPI
List Available Solution Stacks (GET) /?Action=ListAvailableSolutionStacks OpenAPI
Rebuild Environment (GET) /?Action=RebuildEnvironment OpenAPI
Request Environment Info (GET) /?Action=RequestEnvironmentInfo OpenAPI
Restart App Server (GET) /?Action=RestartAppServer OpenAPI
Retrieve Environment Info (GET) /?Action=RetrieveEnvironmentInfo OpenAPI
Swap Environment C N A M Es (GET) /?Action=SwapEnvironmentCNAMEs OpenAPI
Terminate Environment (GET) /?Action=TerminateEnvironment OpenAPI
Update Application (GET) /?Action=UpdateApplication OpenAPI
Update Application Resource Lifecycle (GET) /?Action=UpdateApplicationResourceLifecycle OpenAPI
Update Application Version (GET) /?Action=UpdateApplicationVersion OpenAPI
Update Configuration Template (GET) /?Action=UpdateConfigurationTemplate OpenAPI
Update Environment (GET) /?Action=UpdateEnvironment OpenAPI
Validate Configuration Settings (GET) /?Action=ValidateConfigurationSettings OpenAPI